Tsar of Gamble

Tsar of Gamble is the alternate alias to New Jersey artist, Ehiorobo, with a discography all to its own. Being a rap-focused wheelhouse for creating projects that are bombastic in their nature, all while being limited to very specific processes of production, Tsar of Gamble’s works tend to be experimental yet to the point within their nature. With its teeth dug in glitch/electronica, dusty lo-fi, lush yet jagged soundscapes, and raps that flow in and out of dexterously soulful vocal swoons and poetic asides, the wide array of techniques that encompass Tsar’s toolbelt make for an especially dynamic listening experience. ToG’s debut album, ‘A Furnace in the Coin Fountain’, debuted at the number one position of Bandcamp’s Alt. Hip Hop Chart within its month of release (July 2018), and the alias’s discography is slated to expand within the near future.

ALBUM: https://soundcloud.com/ehiorobo/sets/tsar-of-gamble-a-furnace-in-the-coin-fountain