Targus Targus

Originally born out of frontman Dave Holmes’ love for video games, skills with synths, and various other nerd-like attributes, Targus Targus have been somewhat of a snowball rolling down a hill, gaining members over time and eventually settling as a full live band that’s tighter than Richard Simmons’ unitard. These guys never miss a cue, the rhythm section is dead locked together, the drummer’s hi hat technique is next level, and the lead synth lines have you feeling like you’re Fox McCloud ready to blow Andross to bits. It’s no holds barred for their level of abnormality, their social media presence is trippy and confusing (to say the least), and they keep adding more and more elements to their sound to keep listeners enthralled. Pro tip: Expect the unexpected. ” -Trevor McSweeney, Studio 52 (Allston)