Welcome our dear friend from the far-away Hyperborea…. Just kidding. From Russia, actually. RADA ANCHEVSKAYA, poet-singer, composer, the creator of a renowned psychedelic band (Rada & Ternovnik), an inherent (and very independent) figure of Russian ”alternative” scene since early 90’s – first time in US as JetLAG’s guest!
Serious and catchy, appealing and challenging, artistic and natural, meditative and explosive, Rada is great as a band’s front singer/guitarist, a solo performer or an intuitive jammer. Her “shamanic” manner, voice, lyrics, and certainly music embrace dark-folk, hard-rock, trip-hop and experimental jazz. But this will tell you nothing. You must come see and hear her live.
Enjoy Rada’s Spell-Art set and other appearances at JetLAG! Take part in arranging her off-JetLAG’s gigs! Time for Rada Anchevskaya and all of us to meet.

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