1. Autonomous Production Field

2. An individual or group of individuals (viz. a collective) that create(s) experience zones & installations & theme camps or any other kind of audio/visual/tactile happening at JetLAG.



1. Autonomous Production Field

2. An individual or group of individuals (viz. a collective) that create(s) experience zones & installations & theme camps or any other kind of audio/visual/tactile happening at JetLAG.

Got a weird idea? Want to make it happen?

So do we.

Since the very first JetLAG, there have been APFS -

spontaneous & happy weird happenings that light up the day and night in the valley, creeks, and woods at the festival

art installations, fire shows, pop-up stages, theme-camps, banyas, kids-games...

there's something for everyone.

This year, we've created a process that will help us help you bring to life your wildest art/music/experience.

Hey I have a weird idea! What do I do next?


Complete the proposal form for your project.


Our team of volunteers will get in touch with you with next steps.


Come to JetLAG on July 30th, 2021 and make magic happen!

The Proposal

The proposal form is what we look at to get to know your project. From experience, we've listed some things we know you'll need to think about in order to make your project happen at JetLAG. But don't feel like you need to have ALL of the answers to these questions right now! That's what we're here for 🙂 We'll help you figure out the missing pieces, the logistical questions, and everything else you need to make the magic happen.

Basic Info

Your name, contact info, and the name of your zany idea!

Project Description

We want to know about your project and how it fits into JetLAG. Tell us about the concept, size, interactivity, and anything else you think we should know.

People and Things

Tell us about how you plan to create the project. What tools, supplies, people, or other resources will you need?

Set Up & Breakdown

How will you be putting together and taking your project apart on site?

Risky Business

Are there any inherent risks that could result from your project, and how will you handle them?

*This includes topics like environment (trash), physical (can people be injured), volume (could your project disturb people camped nearby) as well as anything else you can think of.


You can have it good, fast, or cheap - pick two. We want to see that you’ve thought through the process to make this happen.

*We recommend a simple table with a timeline for creating the project, onsite build, and breakdown.

Budget and Resources

Give us an overview of what it will take - people, materials, and expenses. What do you have? What do you need? Here is your chance to share how we can help you make this project happen!

*If you’re requesting funding, indicate what all the costs are associated with the project, and what funding tier you’re applying to (more information about that below). You can apply to multiple tiers and explain what differences there will be to the project depending on which tier you receive.

How The Review Process Works:

Once you submit your proposal, the APF Review Committee will look it over and see how your project can fit in at JetLAG. A member of the review team will personally reach out to you to ask follow up questions about your project and discuss next steps.


What should I do first?

  1. Fill out proposal form telling us about your project.
  2. Our team will follow up with you for more information and to start brainstorming ideas!

  3.  If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us at apf.jetlag@gmail.com

Can I ask for money in my proposal?

Yes! We have 4 tiers of funding you can apply for in your proposal. All you have to do is outline in the “Budget and Resources” what the funding would go towards.

Tiers of Funding:

Tier One: $50 
Tier Two: $100 
Tier Three: $300
Tier Four: $700 (very limited!)

What should I write in my project description?

Paint a picture of what you want to bring. Include sketches, doodles, water samples, whatever you want!

What should i say about set up and breakdown?

Some points to consider are: How many people will it take? Will you need any help to set-up/tear down? When will your crew need to arrive and depart?

Should I write about the technical design of my project?

Yes! Tell us how you’re going to build or make the thing. This should cover details from the pre-event design/build, all the way to construction at the event.

What are some resources that JetLAG can give me?

Our review team will talk with you individually about we think we can provide you from our storage unit.

Be as descriptive as you can in your proposal so that we can brainstorm ideas together!

Not every APF will receive infrastructure help, but in the past we’ve been able to provide garage tents, gazebos, extension cords, water balloons, volunteers, and more things like that.

Do I get a free ticket if I bring an APF?

Yes. Each APF will receive one free admission ticket to JetLAG.

Additional free or discounted tickets are up for discussion with the APF review committee.

The APF Review Committee

The APF Review Committee is a team of dedicated JetLAG volunteers that organize and run PANGEA.

We’re artists, engineers, designers, creative puzzle solvers, practical thinkers, and everything in between.

We are passionate about bringing daring and innovative art to JetLAG and we want YOUR project there too!

JetLAG Credo

We Believe

that we are stronger and more beautiful when we are capable of co-supporting each other’s visions and dreams.

We Value

art, music, community, and interactivity. JetLAG has no corporate sponsors - we are possible because of a 12 year tradition of communion around a shared purpose.

We Understand

that we can creatively use our resources and skill sets to mutually realize projects.